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Eko Nutrition in 2018 begins its activities together with Tipikus Food Company which is located in Santa Catarina in the city of Garuva, Brazil that since 1992 has been producing banana raisins and its derivatives and now in partnership with EkoNutrition it adds Brazilian native fruits like.

Acai Banana Camu Camu Cupuaçu Hog Plum Blackberries Raspberries Strawberries and passion fruit and the super properties of ingredients such as Carob Guaraná Maca Peruana Chestnuts of Para (Brazilian Nut)

The improvement, keeping the tradition without compromising the taste and texture, of a traditional recipe of more than 25 years adapted to the new demands and needs of our consumers as Zero added sugar gluten free sugar free lactose free GMO free 100% Vegan
We believe that quality and health are linked to good production techniques, creating differentiated products with high nutritional value.

Satisfaction and commitment to providing quality products for all ages without artifitial colorants or preservatives.

Our Dehydrated Fruit Powders

Our dehydrated fruit pulps, also known as powdered fruit, are subjected to a careful selection process and then processed through spray drying technology in powders.

Atomization process (spray drying)

Spray Drying or atomization process is a technique that turns liquid solutions into dry powder, as is the case of the fruit powder we produce. The spray drying technique has been widely applied in obtaining dry extracts with better technological characteristics and higher concentration of constituents with biological activity. This is done by atomizing the fluid solution into a drying chamber where the droplets pass through a stream of hot air. Heat and mass transfer during drying occurs very rapidly between the air and steam films that are around each drop under the saturation temperature. This technique is therefore suitable for heat sensitive products while preserving their essential characteristics.
In this drying technique, maltodextrin is used as carrier agent, and the result of the process is a fine, hygroscopic powder, standardized on the solids content.
The powdered fruit has wide application, as it maintains the characteristics of the fruit, such as color, aroma, flavor and also preserves the nutritional properties, such as vitamin and fiber content.In addition, they remain natural, without adding preservatives, flavorings or artificial colors.


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